Summer Fun & Fair Food: Savannah Parks
Ferris Wheel and Fair Rides


Can we agree, some of the best summer memories happen at the local county fair? Strolling through the barns, enjoying summer nights on the Ferris wheel, and eating way too many corn dogs or vinegar fries is all part of what makes fair the week we look forward to.  

What goes on behind the scenes is often the best part. This week of fun depends on community involvement and help from volunteers to run smoothly for everyone to enjoy. Savannah Parks, GreenStone’s Ionia customer service representative, is one of the many volunteers who dedicates time to ensuring the success of her local fair.  

Savannah and other employees at the Ionia branch once again volunteered to work the breakfast service at the 4-H Food Booth at the Ionia Free Fair and the Farm Power Show. All morning Savannah and the rest of the GreenStone volunteer crew cooked pancakes, french toast, sausage, bacon, eggs, and biscuits and gravy for fair and farm show visitors.  

Both events had a great turn out and resulted in a large donation to the fair. A portion of the donations went towards the floral building at the fairgrounds, which is in need of multiple repairs. The building serves as a key attraction for fairgoers and holds many events year-round. Being able to fund the repairs with donations ensures the prosperity of the building for the years to come. The rest of the donation was directed to the county 4-H program and clubs.  

Savannah was never a member of 4-H herself but understands the positive impact it makes in the lives of many young members in the community. “It’s very rewarding to know that our efforts allow children in the community, our future farmers and consumers, to gain great life experiences and fund their education to pursue what they find a passion in, which 4-H really encourages,” explained Savannah. 

Being able to make a difference in the community and impact the lives of youth, Savannah has now been considering getting more involved with 4-H as a club leader. Through speaking with GreenStone retiree Cynthia Cole and employee Kathy Thiel, she has become interested in the program and the positivity it creates. “I will absolutely be continuing to volunteer at events like these in the future, I have also been considering becoming involved in 4-H as a club leader,” said Savannah.  

While working at the food booth, Savannah and her peers were visited by many of their customers. Volunteer events like this are part of how GreenStone gives back to the community and brings the partnership with members full circle. Branch employees are able to see the families they work with, meet the children, and experience the hard work these youth have put into their fair projects.  

“I think it’s important to recognize how involved GreenStone is with the community and its phenomenal that we have volunteer hours allotted to allow participation in these events that truly show our support for agriculture, our local community and youth,” said Savannah.  

As you visit your local county fairs and community events, keep an eye out for the GreenStone logo and make sure to give us a wave! To learn more about how our employees are making a difference in the community, visit Open Fields Blog | GreenStone FCS.  



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