2022 Internship Wrap Up
Interns at Escapology


As the weather chills and leaves fall, students have packed their bags and are back to the bustling college campus. The hands on work and crucial skills they gained this summer will follow them back to campus and to any other adventure they take on.  

Before the interns made the journey back, they finished their time at GreenStone with a cumulative presentation in front of the whole company. These 29 interns highlighted their challenges and rewards, their biggest learning moments, and their favorite memories from the summer for everyone to hear.  

The best part - each intern came to the same conclusion: they have grown tremendously through their projects and will cherish the knowledge they gained and the people they worked with. They will be leaving with a new friends, a network of supporters, and real examples of their abilities in the work force.  

Intern positions varied, as they all worked in a variety of departments and on projects ranging from analyzing financial statements and credit narratives, to counting cows for farm appraisals, to recruiting GreenStone's new hires, and so much more. Since the beginning of the summer this May, interns worked virtually, in person, or both! They thrived in a flexible environment that mirrored the common shift in today’s work force. Learning how to work efficiently in both environments prepares them for any change they may encounter.  

Along with completing real world projects that are important to the success of GreenStone, interns were able to attend multiple intern events. These experiences ranged from completing an escape room, attending lunch- and- learns, and touring Moo-Ville - a local robotic dairy farm. Events focused on networking, professional development, and fun! Lunch- and- learns explored topics such as resume building, the hiring process, and personality tests to provide a strong foundation for the next steps in the intern’s’ careers.  

Congratulations to all of the 2022 interns! We can’t thank this team enough and we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors! 

It’s never too early to start polishing those resumes and searching for the next opportunity. Recruitment for the summer of 2023 intern group is beginning now!  

Tax and accounting internship positions are currently open and posted on our website at Internships (greenstonefcs.com). These positions begin in December and will run through tax season.  

Positions for the summer of 2023, running from May-August, will be open no later than October 1st on our website at Internships (greenstonefcs.com).  

Are you interested in speaking with us first hand? We will be attending multiple college career fairs this fall! For the list of career fairs we will be attending, visit Internships (greenstonefcs.com).  

Have questions? Wondering if this could be the right fit for you? To learn more about interning with GreenStone, check out our Open Fields Blog | GreenStone FCS and YouTube to read about and hear directly from past interns on their experiences.   


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