Make it a Summer Road Trip

Summer road trip destinations seem limitless. There are so many beautiful and unique places waiting for discovery, both close to home and across state lines. Make your summer road trip more special by using a few of these tips!


Recreation Passport:

Never miss the beauty of over 170 state parks in Michigan and Wisconsin by adding a State Park Pass the next time you renew your license plate. The passes for Michigan and Wisconsin residents cost $11 and $28, respectively, and will grant you access to all the beautiful, wooded, beachy and fresh watered parks these two states have to offer. Be prepared for adventure in any of Michigan or Wisconsin’s state parks and trails


Get Off the Beaten Path:

A small trail branching off the main path in a park. A non-familiar small town on a Great Lake. A side street in a large city covered with beautiful and unique art. A hometown cafe where refills on coffee are free and they treat you like family. You never know what you will find, so take a chance and try something new - sometimes the best memories are made when you take a step off the beaten path and find gems never-before-seen on travel guides.


Water Gear:

It is easy to adore Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes; and in Michigan, you are only ever six miles from an inland lake and 85 miles from a Great Lake. Always be prepared for an aquatic adventure by keeping a bag in your car stocked with water gear! Sunscreen, swimsuits and water shoes are always a good idea for a spontaneous trip to the lake.


Charge Those Devices:

You never know when a jaw-dropping sunset or funky art sculpture are going to catch your eye. A phone, camera, or tablet that is out-of-battery is always a bummer when these moments arise. Double check you have the right plugs and cords ready to keep you charged.



The best thing about traveling today is you are not alone. Apps like Foursquare help you connect with others who have visited the places you are interested in and can provide tips. Be sure to check out hashtags like #PureMichigan or #WisconsinLife on social media sites where you might also find tips and travel guides or blogs.


Country Roads, Take Me Home:

Slow down time and take a drive through the back roads. It is easy to take a main highway all the way from Point A to Point B, but taking a little detour down a few country roads on the way can easily take you back to a simpler time.



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