Helpful Tips for Spring Gardening
Watering can, flower, shovel, pots, and dirt on a wooden bench.

Whether you are an experiences gardener or this spring will be the first year getting your hands dirty, it is important to keep these tops in mind when you start.

Get Started Early

Take time to plan your garden before you actually start gardening. Most vegetable plants need to be grown indoors for approximately 6-8 weeks before the first frost. This allows them to be easily replanted into the ground when warmer weather arrives and temperatures no longer drop at night. If you are starting from seed rather than buying the adolescent plant, be sure to read the back of seed packages to determine how many weeks to start the seedlings before moving them outdoors. 

Toilet Paper Planters

While it’s convenient for replanting, the cost of having a pot for each seed planted can add up quickly. One way to cut costs and efficiently replant your seedlings is by using empty toilet paper rolls as the seedling container. Rather than digging a hole, removing the plant and replanting it; you simply dig a hole and push the contents of the plant out through the bottom of the roll. 

Understand Your Plants

If you are taking the time to plant and water seeds, it is important to take the time to understand what they will look like when they start growing. Knowing the difference between corn at two weeks old and zebra grass is very important and could prevent time being wasted watering a weed. By having a general idea of what the plant will look like, this will also help you differentiate the growth at weeding time.

Location is Crucial

Knowing whether or not your plants will require full sun, partial sun or shade is an important factor in the health of the plant. When purchasing seeds for your garden, ask about the amount of sun that plant will require and keep the seed packages for reference. The location of your plants and how deep down they are planted are both critical things to benefit a bountiful harvest. 

Stay Ahead of the Weeds

While pulling weeds isn’t anybody’s favorite hobby, weeding regularly is key to ensuring your plants get the nutrition and space they need to grow. Keeping a garden weed-free is a daunting, but achievable task when it is maintained daily. Rather than allowing the weeds to take over, weed thoroughly a few times a week, making sure to remove the entire root. 



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