Camping Essentials for Summer
Camping tent with a fire in a wooded forest

During the summer months, many Midwesterners enjoy camping at local parks and campgrounds. If you are headed out to do the same and aren’t “glamping,” using a camper or renting a cabin, here are some essentials to pack to help get you through your trip. 

Bedding – A lightweight, nylon sleeping bag is best to pack to help keep you warm while providing airflow. You may also want to include a sleeping pad for added comfort under your sleeping bag. And if you have a desire to leave the tent behind and sleep underneath the stars, a sleeping pad can also provide anti-fungal properties and be abrasion resistant. ! Be sure to select a lightweight tent if you destination requires a long distance of hiking or quick setup when you arrive at your overnight camp. 

Coolers, food and water
– Many experts recommend two coolers: one for food and one for drinks. In addition, make sure, you have enough water to stay hydrated and ice to keep your food chilled, or be prepared to find a location for a local purchase while camping. . 
Insect repellent and sunscreen – Wooded areas can be one of the most popular places for insects, thanks to their high moisture and humidity levels. At the same time, sun can seep through even in wooded campgrounds, applying sunscreen every few hours can help block you from harmful rays. 

Clothing – Depending on the level of activities planned, stay cool and dry with clothing that will breathe, such as synthetic fabrics. Including a hat for sun protection is also important to have a spot your camping checklist.

Every camping list will include many other camping essentials; use this list to get you started and trip off on the right foot! 

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