Tech Tip… Children and Cybersecurity
Kids playing on a computer

 According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, a child’s day can be divide into three parts – awake and online, awake and offline, and asleep. Whether we want to admit it or not, most of our children are online more than not. As parents and guardians, teaching our children about proper cyber etiquette is becoming one of the most important things we can do to protect them and their cyber identities. 

Experts recommend these tips to help them make good choices online.

  • Inform your child of the ramifications of posting online. Unlike writing something on paper, when posting on social media the content is on the internet indefinitely – even if they later delete it. The content they post will be linked to them and can positively or negatively impact their life. In addition, sharing personal information can inadvertently expose details attackers can use to cause harm in person or online.
  • Be aware of the sites your kids are visiting and the apps they are downloading. Keep the computer in a shared location to easily monitor your child’s online activity. Smart phones can be tricky to monitor, however both Apple and Samsung have tools to help you protect and monitor your child’s phone usage.   
  • Create accounts on the sites your children are using to understand what content they are being exposed to when they are online.

There are many ways you can help protect your child. These are just a few tips that can go a long way in helping keep them safe when it comes to the internet and making cybersecurity a priority in their lives.

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