The 2020 Election Year
2020 Election buttons.

  Will be another busy year to build on successes and be proactive in strengthening the recognition of rural communities and agriculture.

Your MI GreenStone PAC finished 2019 strong with meetings and checks being delivered to both Michigan Senate and House of Representative legislators. In these meetings, connections were made, the cooperative structure of the borrower-owned lending association was discussed, and the significance of working with other agricultural enterprises to promote the continued growth of the agricultural industry was communicated. 

In Wisconsin, planning and meetings for 2020 took place and the conversations with the other Wisconsin Farm Credit associations and the Cooperative Network are boosting involvement. Together we are committed to unite and expand our individual and collective legislative outreach efforts through the WI Farm Credit PAC and advocacy. While building relationships for future support, the overall goal is to increase awareness of the value of rural communities and the agriculture industry; Farm Credit is vital in that role.

At the Federal level, the legislative happenings are across the board, from labor and trade to rural infrastructure. The Farm Credit System, through individual associations and the Farm Credit Council, has been able to provide perspective as called upon and will continue to do so. None of this would be possible without your engagement and commitment to raise legislative awareness of rural communities, agriculture, GreenStone, and the Farm Credit System.    

The 2020 election year will be another busy and robust legislative engagement year, and we will continue to build on the successes of relationships already built. In addition, time will be spent proactively strengthening the recognition of agriculture as a key component to a thriving economy with those running for office at all levels of government. The message will remain simple and consistent to help them not forget about the importance of rural communities and the diversity of agriculture. We look forward to being involved in discussions as legislation affects our businesses and communities. 

Do not wait to contribute to the MI GreenStone PAC or the WI Farm Credit PAC.

Send your voluntary patronage pledge before Jan. 31 to direct dollars from your patronage check to the PAC; or you can make a direct contribution to the PAC at any time.  

Join hundreds of other concerned members and employees in strengthening recognition and opening doors to communicate the importance of agriculture as a key component to a thriving economy. 

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