Farm Real Estate Loans

Features & Benefits

As the leading provider of agriculture real estate loans in Michigan and northeast Wisconsin, we have the expertise to provide farms of all sizes the right land loan package with terms and conditions fitting your needs. Agriculture real estate loans can be used to finance or refinance farm land purchases, land contracts, land improvement and agriculture structures and buildings. 



  • Repayment plan structured to match cash flow
  • Terms from 5 to 30 years
  • Easy conversion rate option
  • Agricultural land loans are assumable to qualified buyer if land is sold
  • Flexible interest rate options
  • Eligible for patronage


Recreational Land Loans

Owning your own special place to hunt, fish, hike or simply enjoy time outdoors with family and friends is possible with a recreational land loan from GreenStone. Serving Michigan and northeast Wisconsin as your local experts in hunting land financing, we will work with you to structure the right loan package to fit your needs.

Funds Held

This loan is eligible for a Funds Held account. By combining an interest-generating account with a term-loan at GreenStone gives you convenience and flexibility managing your future financial obligations related to your loan.

Patronage Program

A portion of our annual earnings are returned to our eligible member-owners in the form of patronage.


  • What is the difference between rate conversion and refinancing?
    GreenStone’s rate conversion feature allows new rates to be applied to your loan without incurring the normal costs and processes involved in refinancing. Depending on the loan amount, using the rate conversion program can save you thousands of dollars in costs and fees generally associated with refinancing.
  • What interest rate structures are available?

    Based on financial strength and risk tolerance, the following options are available:

    • Fixed rate for the life of the loan
    • Adjustable rate
    • Variable rate