Transitioning from intern to full-time employee - Becca Middaugh, associate appraiser
Becca Middaugh standing on train tracks

Interning at GreenStone offers college students different experiences including farm visits to traveling and business etiquette. This was the case for Becca Middaugh, a former GreenStone intern who is now an associate appraiser in GreenStone’s Mt. Pleasant branch. However, before graduating from college, she received a full-time job offer at GreenStone while she was an intern.  

As a result, while interning at GreenStone, she was also able to be involved in a variety of appraisal studies including the moderately priced housing study, dairy study, rate of depreciation study and the benchmark study. Middaugh also attended monthly dairy auctions and prepared appraisal report files. 

Prior to starting her full-time job, Middaugh was able to work with her future supervisor to prepare for the transition of daily tasks and projects. This allowed her to develop a deep understanding of how the appraisal process works. Her advice for interns is this, “learn as much as you can, work hard and get to know the great people at GreenStone.”

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