Obtaining an Education in the Outdoors
Dennis Cantrell, Lauren Voelker, MacKenzie Clare and Angela Junglbluth on a farm

Pictured from left to right are: Dennis Cantrell, Lauren Voelker, MacKenzie Clare, Angela Jungbluth, not pictured Cameron Cook


Our interns are over halfway done with their summer internships. The crop insurance and appraisal interns are busy out of the office and in the fields as they assist with surveying, measuring and keying in data. These interns work directly with an experienced employee learning what it takes to be successful and accompanying them when visiting members’ operations. 

Interning at GreenStone, these students are earning college credit toward their degree, gaining experience working in their field and building relationships with other interns and employees. They will also attend internship events such as an etiquette lunch, volunteer day and a farm visit.

Lauren Voelker – Crop Insurance Intern

Growing up in west Michigan on a cash crop and beef farm, I am fortunate to be able to serve many rural communities through my internship. I started working at GreenStone as a credit assistant intern in December 2018. I am excited to job shadow employees from other departments to learn more about the cooperative. 

I started as a crop insurance intern two months ago and it is definitely an adjustment at first but I really enjoy it. Most of my days I spend out of the office visiting members, farmer’s markets and supporting our members the best I can. When I am not on the road or visiting member’s operations, I am at the Grand Rapids branch assisting with data entry, researching and continuing to learn more about crop insurance and perennial crops. 

As I enter my last year at Michigan State University (MSU), I look forward to bringing back the knowledge I gained from this internship and the many experiences I have enjoyed. In May I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management. I will also continue to be involved in the Sigma Alpha Sorority, National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) and Block and Bridle on campus.

Dennis Cantrell – Appraisal Intern

In the summer, you can find me boating, fishing or playing sports with friends. Being outdoors especially in the summer is my happy place as I have fun and train for the next baseball season. While attending Northwood University I am on the baseball team and an auto show team member. 

During my internship I am enjoying being able to meet GreenStone members while I assist appraisers with measuring and platting properties. Having the opportunity to be outside the office to enjoy the outdoors while on members’ properties is important to me as it combines my career with my personal interests. 

I am looking forward to learning more about appraisal and operations within GreenStone because this is my first experience with a financial institution and specifically appraisal. 

MacKenzie Clare – Crop Insurance Intern 

While interning at GreenStone I am involved with the technician side of crop insurance assisting with keying data into our databases and other tasks as needed. I also have the opportunity to visit farms. This helps me understand the data I am keying into our system and how my job helps the crop insurance specialists. 

Like Lauren, I am also attending MSU, a sister in the Sigma Alpha Sorority and in my last year of school. While at school, I major in animal science and enjoy being a member of the rodeo club. When I graduate in May, I will be looking for a full-time position within the agriculture industry as I pursue my love for animals and rural communities. 

Before my internship ends, I am interested in understanding the processes currently in place and how GreenStone operates. I enjoy spending time with different employees across many departments during job shadows because it really puts into perspective how diverse GreenStone is in the workforce and culture but it also shows how every employee is working to assist members in any way they can. 

Cameron Cook – Appraisal Intern

For as long as I can remember, I have been around cows. My family owns and operates a dairy farm in Pewamo, Michigan. Growing up I assisted with working on the farm, showing cows and have previous work experiences in the dairy industry. 

I knew when coming to GreenStone as a credit assistant intern in December last year I would be involved with more than just dairy and that has been true. As an appraisal intern, I enjoy traveling across Michigan visiting a variety of farm operations and dairy auctions. I have also found it very interesting having the ability to learn about all aspects of what GreenStone provides for its members and the impact they have in the community. 

Going back to MSU in the fall, I will be very busy with classwork and attending many dairy shows and events around the country. In May I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management. 

Angela Jungbluth – Appraisal Intern

As the only Wisconsin Intern this summer, I am enjoying connecting with the interns in Michigan when we have intern-specific events. Getting to know them and their unique backgrounds is very interesting. My family owns a small hay farm and I enjoy talking with the interns who also grew up on farms. 

Interviewing with GreenStone I quickly learned how involved they are in the community and how well they treat their employees, I knew I wanted to join the team! Since beginning my internship in May, I have enjoyed traveling to different farming operations assisting with the appraisal and meeting more local farmers. 

Entering my junior year in the fall at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls I will be studying agricultural business and competing with the equestrian team. In the down time I have I enjoy hunting, snowboarding and riding my horse. 


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