Buying a Home – Country Minute – July 2021
Joel Norkus, GreenStone Financial Services Officer, Grand Rapids
GreenStone country home


GreenStone has a long history of working with people who love rural living. Using that experience, let’s look at the top three reasons you want to look at GreenStone for your home loan.

1. Customer service - GreenStone specializes in financing country homes on large acreage.

Once a customer works with GreenStone, they’re often customers for life. Along with the unique aspect that we don’t sell the loan, one of the other main reasons customers don’t want to leave is accessibility. I tell my customers if you want to call customer service – this is the number. It’s MY number. Just call me or send me a text. That isn’t the case with a lot of companies. Our relationships with our customers is something we pride ourselves on. You’re not going to be waiting on the phone to talk to someone who doesn’t know anything about you. You’re going to talk to your own financial services officer who can answer your questions.

2. Convenience - We are a local lender, here in your community.

When someone is talking about getting a home loan, first we go through the two requirements – down payment and credit. Then I’ll direct them to our website, where they can submit their loan application after creating an account in My Access. This makes it convenient for clients to submit an application, and they can even upload the income and asset documents that will be needed too. Not all of our customers work ‘9 to 5’, so clients can be on the couch at night with their spouse and go through the steps together at their convenience. By making the loan application something that people can do on their own time, it simplifies the entire process.

3. Patronage - GreenStone is a financial cooperative, and we profit-share with our members.

If a customer is ever on the bubble of whether or not to choose GreenStone for a housing loan, I always ask them to consider our Patronage program. Since GreenStone is a cooperative, we give back a portion of our annual earnings in a check to our member-owners. The Patronage payment is based on the net income earned on your loan in relation to the overall Patronage paid each year; the more business you do, the larger your potential return. Last year, that equated to an average 1.25% reduction on the interest rate. GreenStone has returned $605 million to our customers over the last 16 years. It’s a great feeling knowing customers will not have this option with any other lender

For home loans, we offer:

  • Up to 30 year terms
  • No balloon payment at the end of the term
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Specialize in properties of 10 acres or more
  • Residential financing options of up to 95 percent loan-to-value
  • Easy re-amortization options
  • Financing for non-traditional homes
  • Renovation financing available

We’re excited to work with you on a home loan. For more information about GreenStone financial services, please go to or call 800-444-3276 to reach the GreenStone branch near you. 


Why GreenStone? Listen as Joel Norkus, Financial Services Officer in Grand Rapids, breaks down the top three reasons people choose GreenStone to finance their country home loans.


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