Meet Our Interns: Information Services Department
Information Services Department


This summer GreenStone is pleased to welcome the 29 bright interns who have joined our various departments. All summer, interns will have the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals and gain valuable experience through farm visits, group projects, and real-world work to help prepare them for their future career. 

In our Information Services department, Matthew Wilcox is the application development intern. Matthew is currently attending Davenport University to obtain a bachelor's degree in computer science. While attending college, Matthew has had the opportunity to intern with GreenStone since May of 2021. Celebrating over a year with GreenStone, he has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in application software and learned an entirely new programming language.  

Matthew’s daily duties include fixing various bugs such as validation errors, larger application developing projects, and fixing errors within the web applications GreenStone employees use. The biggest learning experience he has encountered is programming languages such as JavaScript and Visual Basic. Matthew had to learn these languages from scratch, but now he is a successful coder in both- thanks to his jumpstart mentor and the help of his peers.  

“All of my peers that I've gotten to work with in the IS department are very knowledgeable, and I have learned quite a bit from them. They are all wonderful people to work with,” Matthew said.  

Most internships are a steppingstone to a career, and Matthew’s experience at GreenStone has solidified his goal. “When I first got into computer science, the work I’m doing here at GreenStone is exactly what I dreamed of myself doing in the long-run,” Matthew said.  

On the other side of information technology is client support intern Zander Wesner. Zander currently attends Central Michigan University to obtain a bachelor's in information technology with a minor in computer science. Every day is filled with solving technological problems for other GreenStone employees. Zander works with a ticket system, where problems range from blue screening computers to applications not installing properly. He also has the opportunity to work on larger projects such as HP Connect.  

Each day presents a new learning opportunity for him. The biggest learning experience has been understanding the systems client support works in like Intune Azure AD. “When I first started the internship, I didn’t know anything about the actual systems companies use. Now I’ve learned all the background applications that flow behind service, and I understand the background stuff that keeps service flowing,” said Zander.  

Another big project Zander has been able to work on is PC refresh. This involves building a new computer so that each employee can have a new PC every four years. After sending out the new PC, Zander oversees post calls, where he works with the employee remotely to set up certain things that need a user login.  

“In class, I learned the concepts of applications and the role of my position, but now I know the applications that are used in each position, and I understand the background of how they work. Seeing firsthand how systems work is an entirely different understanding compared to the concepts in a schoolbook,” Zander explained.  

The IS department has the privilege of working with six interns this summer: 

Ali Muhktar-Service Desk Intern, Zander Wesner- Client Support Intern, Sean Dutcher- Client Support Intern,  Joseph Klynstra- Client Support Intern, Sean Johnson- Business Intelligence Analyst Intern, Matthew Wilcox- Application Development Intern, and Tomas Ruiz- Information Security Intern. 

To learn more about the intern programs in each department, visit Open Fields Blog | GreenStone FCS. Recruitment for the summer of 2023 begins this fall! Visit Jobs at GreenStone ( to apply! 





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