Customer Confidentiality & Public Record  
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As a GreenStone customer…  

  1. We promise to offer you personalized service.
  2. We promise immediate responses to all your requests.
  3. We promise honest, fair and impartial treatment.
  4. We promise confidential treatment of all information.
  5. We promise to provide you accurate information and advice.  



Known as our Customer “Bill of Rights,” these five represent the commitment we make to our cooperative members.  

  1. Personal service - We understand no two farms, businesses or households are alike, and each deserves personal attention. We will work to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with all members, one based on respect, trust and open communication. 
  2. Immediate responses to all requests - Our staff embrace our Core Four Values, including putting the customer first by being responsive and building relationship with customers beyond the transaction.
  3. Honest, fair and impartial treatment - We treat all customers fairly and honestly while appreciating their individuality and adhering to our thorough and regulated processes. It is our commitment to work with customers to provide the most viable and sustainable solutions for their individual circumstances.
  4. Confidential treatment of all information - Our commitment to all customers is to treat member information and affiliation with GreenStone confidentially. All financial institutions, including GreenStone, are obligated by law to record certain information as a matter of public record. Beyond what is required, we will never release the names of our customers or comment on the relationship we have with individuals without prior consent.
  5. Accurate information and advice – Our staff are engaged in the industries of their customers and bring their experience and education to the customers they serve. Together, we seek out the best solutions for our customers based on individual service, an unbiased perspective and sound financial metrics.  



GreenStone values our customer relationships, and we want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable with how GreenStone handles your loans and information. A trusted relationship with our customers requires open and transparent communication. Member privacy – as outlined in #4 of our Customer Bill of Rights – is extremely important and can be questioned with the amount solicitations, spam and phishing attempts on us all each day. We want you to know we hold your financial and personal information in strict confidence.  



Though we keep your information confidential, some customers who may have recently conducted business with us have received solicitations in the mail or email impersonating GreenStone and referencing personal and financial information related to their loan with GreenStone. Naturally, this raises questions on the authenticity of the mailer, as well as the confidentiality of our customer’s information.  



As explained on page 49 in our Tech Tip, this is one of many types of “spam” targeted at securing your dollars or additional personal information. Using the information required by law to be filed publicly some companies compile public data – primarily register of deeds recordings – and mass mail, or email, solicitations using as much personal information as possible to get you to believe it is legitimate or that you need to take action.  



Public Record 

Because some information is required by law to be publicly filed, we want to make sure you are aware. All financial institutions, including GreenStone, are obligated to record with the Register of Deeds certain information as a matter of public record when a mortgage loan is written. These public records typically identify the borrower’s name, the lender, and possibly the original loan amount. In addition, public property records can also include: 

  • Ownership history 
  • Property maps 
  • Record of sales listings  
  • Historical tax assessments 
  • Assessed property value
  • Property square footage and the number of rooms in a dwelling 


You can be absolutely confident if you receive a solicitation from another lender to refinance your GreenStone mortgage, the lender who sent it did not receive any information from GreenStone about you or your loan. 



Our commitment to your right of privacy is part of our Customer Bill of Rights as is our commitment to customer satisfaction. As a member of this organization, the protection of your privacy and the security of your personal information are vital to our continued ability to serve your ongoing credit needs.  

Rest assured, we protect you and your information! 


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