Country Minute: House Hunting Tips – What to Know Before You Go
Stephanie Lundy, Country Living financial services officer
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It’s a hot market, so how can you be prepared when the rural house you want comes along? Whether you’re a first-time buyer, or you’re a veteran to the process, you can plan ahead for the best methods to be ready when the house of your dreams is available.


First of all, preapproval is key. This way, before you even start looking, you can have an idea of what you can afford and be prepared with your own offer. To preapprove, GreenStone looks at your income, assets, and credit score to determine what you could be approved for, how much you can borrow, and what interest rate you might qualify for. You will be required to provide documents like bank statements and pay stubs to show your income and the funds you’re using to get the loan. A preapproval also requires a credit check so GreenStone can assess your credit score.


It’s also important to really evaluate the area you want to live ahead of buying. If you currently live in the city, take some time to drive around the neighborhood where you’re considering purchasing and ask yourself – what amenities does it have? Are there things that are important to you, like restaurants? How long does it take to drive to the grocery store? Little factors like this can make a big difference in your satisfaction, so if you check it out ahead of time, you won’t have surprises after you buy.


Other issues you can take into consideration are what your property taxes will cost, how much your utilities will be, and what kind of internet provider you’re going to be able to access. Many rural areas in don’t have the same speeds available in cities, so be certain – especially if you work from home – that you’re choosing a place that can easily support your needs.


Working with a good realtor is another great tip for house hunting. Realtors can introduce you to properties you weren’t even aware existed, and they also can show you places before they’re listed. Commonly, they also work with a team, so it increases the chances of you getting the home you want. Though it’s always possible to go it alone, good realtors are an excellent tool for home purchasing.


When looking at homes, think about your must-haves vs. your wants. In your current house – what do you like and want next time, and what do you want to be different? Keep an open mind, because… honestly, no existing house is going to be perfect unless you’re building and designing it with an unlimited budget! In reality, ask yourself what upgrades you want to spend your money on, whether it’s comfortable for what you need now, and if you can live with it if you move in.


It's always exciting to search for, find, and purchase a new home. Getting ready for it ahead of time makes the path even more smooth. We’re happy to help you along the way!



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