Top three benefits to owning recreational land 
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Can you imagine … a wide open space, completely private, and ready to host your relaxing weekend? GreenStone is your partner for making this a reality with recreational land loans.  
Land is eligible for a recreational land loan if it is ten or more acres and used for outdoor adventure, not for building a home. It typically requires 20 percent down and offers 30-year amortization terms. Don’t worry – if plans for your land change in the future, you can also use GreenStone to secure a do-it-yourself or contracted construction loan or to make other improvements.  Also, if you find a piece of land on less than ten acres out in the country, we have financing options for that, too. 
Let’s look at the top three benefits to owning recreational land: 
Outdoor activities 
Hunting, fishing, hiking, riding ATVs, birdwatching, camping … the list goes on and on. The beauty of nature is right there for you, any time of the year. By owning your own rec land, you don’t have to worry about loud neighbors – the quiet land is yours to enjoy. Why not check out financing on that perfect piece of property? 
GreenStone customer Scott Beckman from Niles in Berrian County, Michigan purchased 80 acres of recreational land in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for hunting and ATV riding. 
“We bought it for outdoor activities and as an investment,” he said of his land in Pickford. “This way, we don’t have to lease other land for hunting, and we can hunt waterfowl, deer, upland birds, grouse, and bear on our own property. I’m going to put food plots on it and develop it even more for wildlife.” 
If you have family or friends who feel the same way, there’s also the option to buy as a group and take turns using the property. If you don’t want to shoulder the entire cost of the land, but you still want the opportunity to explore it alone, this is a viable compromise.  
As an added bonus, unlike if you’re on rented land, any improvements you make are yours to keep. Buying your own acres allows you to improve the habitat - which increases both the quantity and quality of wildlife on the land - without having to obtain permission.  
Most importantly, you don’t have to worry that the parcel may be sold to someone else after you’ve spent time and money putting in food plots, planting trees, building wildlife ponds, and performing timber management. You can rest assured you will reap the benefits of your improvements for years to come. 
Not only is it great to have your own land to spend time on, but it can also generate income. When you’re not using it, consider leasing your land for hunting or camping. 
There’s never enough rec land to go around, so it’s possible to lease land for hunting during a season you aren’t using it. Land owners are also creating fishing ponds and then leasing access to fisherman. By doing this, you can build up some income to make loan payments, pay for more improvements, or even get started saving for that construction loan someday.   
Leasing land for camping has also become more popular, especially as people are looking for more solitude on vacations. Rec land is perfectly suited for rustic camping, and people are willing to pay for the peace and quiet. 
The resources of the land can also be monetized. Look into programs where trees can be harvested and replanted, so you can be sure that your forest remains a sustainable resource for future generations. Based on your financial goals, you have many options for using the land as an investment resource. 


Other options include: Renting plots for a community garden, hosting beehives, growing custom flowers, selling firewood, offering storage, hosting outdoor classes, building a shooting range, putting up solar panels, and more. 
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