Top Five Reasons to Buy Hunting Land
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Many hunters dream of buying their own hunting land. It’s an opportunity to have a slice of peace and quiet away from the crowds to safely chase your next trophy whitetail. Wide open space, the ability to improve the property for the wildlife and the opportunity to build are all great reasons to buy. Here are five more reasons you may want to consider purchasing hunting land soon. 


1. You Call the Shots

When you’re hunting on your own land as opposed to someone else’s plot, you can control your surroundings. You’re able to ensure peace and quiet, set up your deer blind before opening day and make your own outdoor paradise customized for your needs.


You also regulate who uses the property – whether you’re inviting family, letting your friends come by or want the whole space to yourself, it’s all up to you.


In many cases, you have a better chance at scoring a deer on your own land because you’re not sharing the space with dozens of other hunters, like on public state land.
Fewer people on the land also means it’s safer for you to hunt because there are fewer hunters competing for the same deer. 


2. Land Holds Value

Are you interested in buying property as an investment? The universe isn’t making more land, so any acreage you buy is, in fact, an investment – and purchasing hunting land could be profitable or help you build equity long-term. 


Historically speaking, the value of land will likely go up, as opposed to investing in the stock market which can be risker.


Buying your own land also means you can sell it down the road and turn a profit, as opposed to leasing or renting hunting land. 


You can also build on your land – whether you’re looking to retire in the country, have a rustic cabin getaway spot for your family, or have a place to crash during winter snowmobiling. 


3. Make It Yours

If you’re a hunter, you know that there are certain conditions that attract whitetails for the perfect hunting experience. When you own your own hunting land, you get to improve the habitat to create your ideal conditions for hunting, and for wildlife living.


Land ownership means the opportunity to plant food plots and create water features for wildlife. You can also build a permanent deer blind in your favorite spot.


If you plan on spending days at a time hunting, you can take it a step further and build a cabin or cottage to sleep in or create a more permanent hookup for a camper.


4. Supports the Future

Do you want to make memories that last a lifetime? Hunting and spending time in the great outdoors with your children and grandchildren, friends or significant other is a great way to do just that. When you own your own hunting land, you can ensure a safe, pleasurable experience for all.


Having a cabin can be a perfect opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and spend time unplugged with your family and close friends.


Having extra land also allows you to pass down property to future generations because, as mentioned, the universe isn’t making any more land.


5. Earn Extra Cash

You may ask yourself “How can I make hunting land ownership more affordable?” Well, when you’re not enjoying your hunting land, other people can, and that can help your bottom line.


If you have a cabin or even a camper on your land, you can rent it out on sites like airBNB and VRBO to earn extra side hustle income. 


You can also lease part of your land to other hunters on an annual or seasonal basis.


This extra land could also allow you to pick up some hobbies like beekeeping, selling fruits and vegetables or harvesting timber. These hobbies can help you turn a profit on top of your regular income.


Getting Started

GreenStone specializes in financing hunting land and can help make obtaining a hunting land loan convenient and easy. With long-term fixed rates, flexible financing options such as potentially using owned property as equity, and ability to offer group hunting loans for purchases with friends and family, we can help make rec land affordable.

Use our loan calculator to see how affordable your piece of paradise could be! 

Ready for next steps? Check out our Recreational Land FAQs, or connect with a GreenStone rural land financing expert today. 



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